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Despite my exhausting, draining ; mentally and physically, week I was determined to get through this awesome book this weekend. As I stated in a previous post, I discovered this book “Relationship Goals,” by Michael Todd through my fellow bookstagrammers. After seeing many post of its popularity I had to get it. Soon after my sister told me it was her pick for this month’s read, this confirmed it! Throughout my reading I vowed to including reads of faith, Godly connections and relationships, affirmations and prayer in which this book did just that.

The author made a clear connection and created a space of understanding for any reader to see the correlation of having a relationship with Christ first, we then can be in good line to have healthy and positive relationships in our personal life. He addresses friendships, dating and single living, intentional and relational dating, the engagement and marriage stages and sex life. Going into the book I thought okay some chapters I should skip over because I am married already so let’s just get to that chapter, but no hunny he addressed me in every chapter ! There was a nugget for every status that you may be claiming in each chapter that you had to take note on. Not only were there key take aways in each chapter, but his use of transparency, personal experiences, relational stories of others he and his Wife Natalie has counseled have a clear picture that he was more than capable of speaking on each topic. He opens the mind to connect to your own past and or present experiences to really recognize who you really are, your purpose in God and in your relationships and what kind of relationships you are enduring. If I had to choose my favorite chapter of this book it would have to be “The Triangle.” This chapter elaborates on a godly marriage being compared to a triangle meaning the husband and wife connected at the bottom of the triangle representing the connection between two people becoming one. Then there is the top of the triangle where God is, spiritually connecting us to him. “God is in the middle of that marriage is the key to their getting the relationship win.” The author’s explanation of oneness sends me back to the day I said I do 3 years ago, correlating the scripture to each point he makes. It reminds me that everyday marriage is a sacrifice that makes us better together, motherhood is a sacrifice that at the ends fills my heart with joy. He attributes the “ONE” to ownership, nurturing and evolving within a marriage, in which I considered key to my own marriage and staying engaged in my marriage. If you didn’t know marriage is indeed the reflection of Christ’s relationship to His bride which is the church and because of this our marriages; my marriage, should be a reflection of God. Don’t think because of this marriages won’t experience it’s down moments, because hunny it has its misunderstandings, hurt feelings, bills, crying babies, conflicting schedules, arguments and compromises. This book helped remind me that my marriage is about progression NOT perfection.

Michael Todd presents to the reader that there is more to relationships than what pop culture has taught us or what our own imagination has conjured up about it. What definition or view has society place on your meaning of relationships? What #realtionshipgoals hashtag has prompted you to get into a relationship or situationship that you know wasn’t for you or should just be cut off? The things we see from social media or society in general can play a major part in what we look for in relationships and that shouldn’t be our basis. This causes us to put our faith in others and or in ourselves, but not in God. Put your faith where it belongs- in God! He will help you find relationships that honors Him and at the very same time give you the satisfaction and fulfillment you have been looking for. Just like life, relationships are like seasons don’t get mixed up in the wrong soul ties in a season that wasn’t meant for it.


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