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The Wishing Pool Book Review

By Tananarive Due

This is a Readblacknblog Review:

As my first Tananarive novel read, I am beyond intrigued. This novel has caused me to look up all of her work previously. “The Wishing Pool & Other Stories,” is embossed with a mix of joy, sadness, trauma, violence and suspense. The stories written intentionally causes my imagination to expand and winder. I enjoy reading novels like this, ones that entices my questions, seduces my thoughts and caresses my reality.

The Wishing Pool takes many twists and turns that make you want to read the next story even quicker. How about that ”Incident at Bear Creek Lodge,” what a play on historical imagery. The twist shows an exposure of Blackface and the misuse of Black entertainers for the humor and benefit of the whites. A scary creature is born from it and even more scarier creature is nurtured from it.

It’s eerie stories, like the ones Tananarive has created, that will have you dreaming about what you just read. More like a nightmare because these stories are not pretty and rainbows at the end. It is created with so much intent and care that you forget that they are just characters in the story.



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