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“Fervent” Let’s Talk About It

Priscilla Shirer, the main character in War Room, took her strategy of prayer to create a women’s battle plan. This novel which has been around constructs serious, specific and strategic ways to pray. My good sis Cursha invited me to read this book with her the beginning of this month as a buddy read but I couldn’t put it down. I annotated, highlighted, underlined and folded so much that I know it will be a staple in my book collection. Before I dig into the points that stood out to me the most, it’s safe to say that I recommend this book if you are striving to enhance, develop, refine and restore your prayer life.

The How To’s of prayer resonated with me with one word the author used, and that word is precision. Focused prayers on biblically truths, not just aimlessly wandering through situations as we pray. With precision, through this book I have learned and created a habit around writing out my prayers, why? So I won’t forget. While reading this novel I attended a vision board gathering with my sistagirl Zhada in which I actually created a Prayer Board. Along side this prayer board I will post up my written prayers. I can see it now on my wall, designed as a reminder .

Each chapter was a strategy point of prayer, whether it was on regaining focus, family, pressures, hurt, identity or relationships; they are pricked at my spirit. As an intercessor, I tend to get wrapped up in only going to God for others that I neglect my spirit man, I neglect my own strategy of prayer for myself. My favorite chapter was on Pressures because I related most to this currently in my life. It encourage me and empowered me to rest, to pull the wool from my eyes to see the true enemy, and to detach my core value from how much work I do. Priscilla shared a wise quote that said “ God doesn’t want something from you. He wants something for you.” She reminded me that God purpose in giving me spaces of rest even in my full productive life, is to help me be uninhibited in my devotion, service and worship of my Lord.I believe God is going to have me disciplined enough to help me gain control of my schedule, create places to breathe and establish boundaries that my destiny comes into clearer focus. Psalms 61: 2-4.

This book was a refreshing, it IS a refresher to anyone’s prayer life. Some may say the author gave to much credit to the devil, but I believe she acknowledged the tactics and the plans the devil has set out for us which is real, but she gave us all ways to counter attack the enemy; through PRAYER. The enemy comes to always kill, steal and destroy , there is never a time where he seeks any good for us,but I am so glad that there is a God that has come that we may have life more abundant.

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Averri Dunlap
Averri Dunlap
Jan 23

Even with having a prayer life, a refresher is always needed. I’m excited to dive in this book for myself!

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