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Poetry Month

Surviving home

By Katerina Canyon

Book review by @readblacknblog “Jaleesa McKnight”

Reading this book of poetry makes one question what exactly defines “home.” Katerina explores the facades of the African American Family Heritage. She gives Raw in each poem, from parents that seems to care then at the same time becomes the very burden one tries to getaway from, to the burdens of life and a look into childhood discoveries. The author depicts an relatively real view of the black woman in America to the black man in America. Everyone has their own survival story.

This novel punctured emotions that I didn’t know a book of poetry can expose. Heart wrenching, anger, sadness, hope, traumatic whirlwind, fear and compassion. Expiring police brutality, racial injustices, domestic abuse, rape, poverty, drug abuse, motherhood and death. The author sends the reader on a journey through life’s map. Sickness and drugs, life and death, upbringing and toxicity, autism and the stigma; you know the dynamics.

“It’s a far cry,” from childhood dreams to adult reality. The reader comes to understand the author story as possibly one of the reader’s story. Don’t delegitimize the black story, the black community, the black family, black innocence and black love. As you read these poems do not question the narratives; question humanity.

This is an enjoyable, mind turning read that is recommended to all. Thank you Kelsey from @bookpublicityservices and Katerina @poehtickat from the ARC in exchange for my honest review.


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