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“Black Cake” ARC Review

Author: Charmaine Wilkerson

Release Date: 2/1/22 How do you respond to a novel centered around the false narratives the characters create, that ultimately defined their lives. Left in suspense, excitement and concern, I breezed through these chapters feeling like I was an unmentioned character watching as it all played out. The author in her debut novel does not hold anything back. She lets loose topics of family dynamics, identity, diasporas of The Caribbean and the British, historical references, tradition, culture and food.

Connections and discoveries; hmm what about them? You realize that with every discovery revealed or expose somehow there was this distinct connection between the characters. From the origin of the Caribbean culture to the path of British migration it was thought of to be better off lived, but it turned out to be where ever you try to escape you realize you are still black. As much as centuries turn and evolve, the color of your skin still does matter.

What happens when people do not fit into the boxes that others have set for them? The author gives us complex, separation, tolerance, racism, tradition, sexual identity and normalcy as the epicenter of this intriguing story. Don’t allow anyone to box you in or limit you, but instead create your own narrative and live.

The burdens of keeping lifelong secrets can change the course of every path you take. The author shows Covey,also known as Eleanor; path of loss, loneliness, abandonment, chaos and trauma because of a secret she couldn’t reveal. One secret she could not keep was one of the “Black Cake.” The emotions and connections associated with the recipes, the origin, culture and tradition of this “black cake”pieces the story together. Who would think once a bouquet would travel through generations? The author‘s only hope was that the “emotional notes in the story will resonate with people of various backgrounds.”

Thank you #Netgalley for this ARC in exchange for my honest review .


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