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Yellow Wife Book Review

Yellow Wife

Author:Sadeqa Johnson. #NetGalley

From the Southern Indie Bestsellers list to the Most anticipated historical fiction novel, Sadeqa merge into the scene to give us a beautiful written masterpiece. She held nothing back in this novel and gave you all of the character Pheby from an enslaved girl to a mistress of a slave jailer. The main character was so well developed that as a reader, you could not help but to feel like you were in the story watching everything unfold. We see Pheby’s ultimate sacrifices to protect her heart, children and freedom. A woman, whose fair skin tone made her life worth more than that of some white women. Just when she thinks she endure the life of the Jailer’s mistress, she is reminded by the slaves and girl’s traded that she can not. What are the limits to gain your freedoms?

Reading this, I went on a constant emotional roller coaster and at times I had to take a break. This is a powerful, heart wrenching, fastest-page turner, thrilling story of a slave girl’s fight for freedom. The thrill sent chills down my spine and the wrenching action caused my heart to cry out. To know that many aspects within this story was my ancestors reality, brought back trauma around a very intricate part of my history. A very grim time in history that the author Sadeqa masterfully narrated.

Source: ARC was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a honest review .

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