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“Where Wild Peaches Grow” #Readblack Review

Who are you and where do you come from? It’s a good thing to know the answer to this question not only to see who you truly are but also who you shouldn’t be. In this emotion stricken, family drama, cultural interpretations and racial references; Author Cade gives us a story of estranged sisters tangled with their own choices made from accusations. For me, this was a four star read and one that was slow in the beginning, it overall had a good storyline.

Nona, also known as Peaches, is introduced to us as one of the sisters who has been betrayed by love of her life and family. Having left all that behind in abandonment, vowed to never look back or go back. How many of us has been like Nona and wanted to run away when feeling of neglect and betrayal arose? We see here in this novel how Nona is forced to return to her Past in Natchez, Mississippi to face the truth that she never even knew.

Then there is Julia Curtis who wants to just move on from family wounds, but still harbors unforgiveness. How can one really move on without forgiving? You Can’t…Just like Nona, Julia has open wounds of betrayal and neglect in her heart from her mother and sister. Now the only one left that she cared for has died. Past and present; Julia is also faced with the truth she never knew.

“Can unpacking the truth heal wounds and restore bonds or tear it all apart again, but permanently?”

Truth is a fact or belief that is accepted as true. Our truth is tested everyday. How we come into our truth is through the facts and beliefs that we accept and prove to b right.

Secrets, a mystery, something kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others. “All families had secrets ad most times they were best if they stayed buried.” This statement from this novel raises questions about the dynamics of family. I believe secrets come out sooner or later, and what is done in the dark WILL come to light. Secrets turn into lies; lies into hurt; hurt into separation and separation into destruction.

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