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Seasons Change

In the upcoming post I will be splurging on all the reads I indulged in the past month of Sept. The following books; Luster, The Poet X and The Secret Lives of Church Ladies were all star reads and I recommend you get into at least one of them.

#readBlack unplugged from social media for a month to decompress and unravel. Within this time of needed space I embraced a new literary project and intend to expose some new colors of change. Sample of impartation below.

Reading Slump....

I experienced a reading slump.

A course of bumps

That seemed like I could not get over but just through.

I wanted to stay true to what I started

Because it all was coming from my heart.

This is my passion

But everything begin to clash.

It started from comparison,

You know trying to stay up with the hype.

Although it was the book community,

It felt like I needed immunity for just a moment to catch up.

Neurologically I was running on empty

Then it hit me.

God said to take a break and find rest in him.

I removed myself from all the social outlets

Plugged myself into a digital reclusive mindset

And allowed my season to change.

By readBlacknBlog


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