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Revival Season BHM Review

Revival Season by Monica West

Revival means the awakening or quickening of God‘s people to their true nature and purpose.

4/5 Stars Rating

I made many personal connections to this story. It brought back memories of the many revival services I attended as a child. Not optional service at that but more so I had to be there. It reminded me of the hours spent in church in the miracles signs and wonders God did at the services. I am reminded of the prayer line, “come to the altar,“ moment when the sick, the unsaved, the back slider, addicted will come to be prayed for it and hands laid on them. I remember how they would fall out and how the lame will begin to walk and how the prophecies will begin to be revealed in God‘s people. None of this can be so without faith.

This story is real to the church kids. The story is real to “PK” that is the preachers kid. The story is real to me.

The author draws attention to the distinction of the works of Man in the Works of God. The point of revival is to put God back as the leader of your life, but here we see the struggle of the Hortons to realize who is truly their God.

What happens when a man starts to glory in oneself? What happens when your anointing power is stripped away? What happens when the truth is revealed? Monica West take us through a journey of faith, a ride through traditions in a mystery of the church the author‘s story is original but very familiar in the black family in the black church.


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