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Q U I C K REVIEW 5/5⭐️

Gathering of waters

By Bernice McFadden

I tried to sum up this review with just 3 words;

Captivating, refreshing and reliving. Then I begin to realize that this author, her work and creativity can not be boxed up into just three words. In this novel she gives us many characters that are complex, not good and not all bad, intriguing and reflections of us if we really look upon the face of the waters.

How can a town narrate an entire novel ? Well Money, Mississippi does it here, at the scene of the crime expressed as Emmett Till’s murder. How impressive, yes the town really has a voice. The town gives off reminders through history of the then and now, how OUR history clings stubbornly to “OUR” world today. Has much really changed for us?

A story of love, hate, evil, race and desires plunges deep into McFadden’s novel. She has become one of my favorite author’s because she has her own living language that at times you may have to read it aloud. She sings about our deepest imaginations and the worlds uncivil desires.


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