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Luster the Novel Review

The debut of Raven’s unique literary and artistry skill embraced in her Novel Luster captivated readers all across the book community. It’s exhilarating imagery and unpredictable storyline is a fresh piece of work this year needed. The author embarks on an unfavorable romance between a young black girl, the main character,her disturbing men prospects and her art. The relationship journey is blunt but disturbing and her unrecognized identity in her twenties is understandable. The shockingly ploy of humor and emotion the author creates categorizes this novel as the most anticipated read of the month.

Although a short read, this novel pinched a few of my emotions while reading. The language expressed, allowed me to drift off into the story like a unspoken character just observing as the protagonist tells her story. Her expression of the relationships she entangled with and how nonchalant she reacted to each one was disturbing to me and had me confused of who she was trying to be. It was an honest but weird depiction of Edie( the main character) and the rest of the characters in their awkward living arrangements.

I rated this book with four stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️. It kept mind my racing to see what would arise next and kept me guessing. Questions still remain such as why did Edie, unwelcomely go into her secret partner’s home in the first place ? Was it really the wife leaving various amounts of money in the guest room and why?

Why did Edie decide to paint a nude portrait of Rebecca at the end of the story ? When and if you take a shot at this novel, maybe you can help answer some of these questions .

Happy Reading 📖

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