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Educate Yourself #readBLACK

I know I have selected two reads featured for the month of June already but I wanted to add some much very needed black knowledge on my blog. The books pictured above is apart of my personal collection that I have read and has granted me access to unknown knowledge. Knowledge is indeed power , and we as people perish due to lack of it. Each one of these books focuses on OUR Blackstory; whether it’s about oppression set against us by laws and the “justice” system , the struggle of both black men & women experience due to the color of their skin, fictional stories that tells an actual real story about our black experience, the power of the words we decide to use, and how young black children have to go through childhood living the nightmares we “thought” we had overcame. All and all they are great reads and if you want to educate yourself or someone else I recommend these amongst many others.


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