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Black Girl, Call Home book Review

Black Girl, Call Home 
By Jasmine Mans

Book Review by Jaleesa McKnight 
“Black Girl, Call Home,” explores the talents and creative story of Jasmine Mans as an spoken word artist from Newark, NJ. This book is more than a bunch of poems, but is a safe house for every black girl. It tells of an memorable and historic experience of Black womanhood . These poems is destined to leave a warmth, a chill and terror imprint on the heart. 

Jasmine creates poems that tugs on love, injustices, sexual violence, queerness, slavery and property, mourning, power and powerlessness, body awareness and unawareness, girl trafficking, wonder and glory. This being my first read by this author I am taken away by the demand this book possess. If you don’t know the life of a black girl read this book, if you are unaware of the injustices that we have faced read this book, if you didn’t know we were property once before read this book, and if you ever left home, called momma and returned home read this book. Each line of poetry is a moment in time from generation to generation.

“Black Girl, Call Home,” is a refreshing new read and a must to add to your bookshelves. Look to pre-order or purchase on the release date of March 9th, 2021.

Source: ARC was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a honest review .
Thank you #netgalley #berkelypub 
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